What Data Backups Do I Need for My Business?

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Resources

You probably have a lot of valuable digital data for your business, and that’s why data backups are so crucial. Without data backups, that important information can get lost.

There are several good reasons you should make data backup a priority:

  • No matter what type of business you run, your data is vulnerable to an attack. Whether you run a small or large business, a pet grooming shop or an attorney’s office, and anything in between, your data can become compromised during a ransomware or malware attack. This can affect your digital data.
  • Your devices could get physically damaged. Whether it’s a bad liquid spill or flooding from a natural disaster like a hurricane, electronic devices are always vulnerable to physical damage that can affect files.
  • Human error. It’s always possible that someone in your office (or even you) may unintentionally delete files or programs. Not all of these are easily replaceable.

If you lose digital data, especially if you don’t have a data backup plan in place, it will slow down your business. This affects worker productivity and how easily customers can use your business services.

Data Backup: Hardware, the Cloud, and Other Options

Data backups allow you to access your digital files if for some reason you can’t access them as you usually would. Some options for data backup include:

  • Simple options like a USB drive. This wouldn’t work for the massive amounts of data that most businesses have, but it’s a cheap option if you have just a handful of files to save.
  • Cloud backup sends a copy of your data to an off-site server. This is a current popular option. A third-party service provider usually hosts the server, and your business is charged for the cloud backup. If you lose your data, the third-party service provider allows you to easily access your copied files.
  • External drives. This is a portable storage device that usually has the ability to store many files.

Your business may choose to have data backup in various forms. This is a good idea because data backups are not foolproof. Make sure you schedule regular data backups weekly or even daily.

Types of Data to Make Sure You Back Up

While you ideally will back up all of your files, there are some types of digital data that are especially important to back up:

  • Financial files. Don’t let your business be caught without its financial information. Accounting records, revenue statements, bank statements, and expense receipts are just some of the examples of crucial financial files to back up regularly.
  • HR files. This can range from payroll records to employment applications and more.
  • Administration documents. This can cover a wide range of files, from marketing plans to sales records, insurance policies, and more.

Don’t get caught off-guard by the loss of data! To learn more about the types of data backup that best suit your business, give Futra a call. Call us at 941-254-6900. Or, find us online at MyFutra.com.

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